Product , Advantages :

•Illuminated and animated EL-panels provide

     significantly better eye-catching capabilities

     than ordinary backlit signs and posters  

•Uniform surface illumination of complex shapes

•Wide visual angle with uniform illumination 

•Thin, flexible and lightweight (thin as 0.12mm) 

•Low power consumption (~ 6 watts per sq ft)

•Very low heat generation

•Low power consumption – low operating costs

•Vibration and impact resistant

•Easily combined with full color HQ graphics

•No light box or heavy infrastructure required

•Long life (20 000 hours)

Product , How it works? 

We are doing EL technology (electroluminescent).

It's new technology after LED.

Electroluminescence happens when you plug in a sandwich made of plastic,conductive material and phosphor. 

Basically, there are two electrode layers in the sandwich and a layer of phosphor in between them. 

It’s the phosphor that makes the light when it glows as  the electricity goes through it as it passes from one electrode

layer to another.

Quality and Warranty 


Unlike incandescent or fluorescent lamps, EL lights do not fail abruptly. Instead the brightness will gradually decrease over long periods of use.  It is difficult to quantify the exact life span,

as humidity, initial brightness, type of inverter used all have

an effect.  Under specification conditions, the useful life is approximately 20,000 hours.We provide  a one year for INDOOR and six month for OUTDOOR electroluminescent products warranty. This includes  the  electroluminescent  panel,  inverter  unit,  and  connection  cables. Batteries  are  not covered by this warranty.

All our products are certified by CE, RohS and UL



Our factory provides EL-solutions based original patented technology for indoor, outdoor and vehicle application. 

We are Certified Supplier assessed by Bureau Veritas (Report No.:7151553_P+T). We especially focus on EL-solutions for HoReCa, POS, OOH, and EL T-shirts.

 After more than 10 years of EL production, we grew our international business to a new level.  At the moment we have consistent  production of HQ EL products and a support sales team working 24 hours, 7 days a week. We provide customers original complete solutions based on fresh advertising ideas.

A number of known brands and companies in such categories as soft drinks, premium alcohol, beer, tobacco, medicine, hi-tech, food use our EL panels for promotion and advertising for indoor and outdoor solutions.