What is EL (Electroluminescent) poster ?


EL is a small, low voltage flashing light panel incorporated into a poster and when activated makes the poster come to life with flashing lights! 

How it works?

Electroluminescence happens when you plug in a sandwich made of plastic, conductive material and phosphor. There are two electrode layers in the sandwich and a layer of phosphor in between them.  It's the phosphor that creates the light when it glows as the electricity goes through it and passes from one electrode layer to the other.



Llight Weight

panel is 1.2 mm thick

Sound Activated Panel

switching from flashing to sound activated is just one button away

Unique Design

to give unlimited ideas for usage

Finest Materials

printed with the most advanced machines to ensure best quality

2AAA Batteries Operated

unique thin battery pack invention allows using most common batteries

High Resolution

with large lighting area 



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